New Gadgets

Who doesn’t love new items no matter if you are a photographer or not everyone loves getting new things. Since christmas is ending and my birthday is vastly approaching I figured I would post some really interesting gadgets/gifts that I am in love with. Personally I love new camera related gifts, it is amazing what is available now-a-days.

For Christmas my grandparents bought me a Nikon camera lens mugs. Yes, a lens mug. It is one of the coolest things I know I probably even sound like a complete nerd right now but it is true. The first time I had seen one of these was at school and a teacher was carrying a lens (or what all of us students thought was a lens) then all of a sudden he puts his lens to his mouth and everyone in the class began to freak out. Little did he know none of us knew what a lens mug was and then he explained. I knew I needed one! Luckily I got one and I can’t wait to us it and fool everyone!



A few days before Christmas my brother told me that my present may not be here in time for christmas and I told him that was fine. Was he excited to have me see what he got me though, I think he was more excited then myself. He even wanted me to guess what he got me and he gave me hints like; it was photo related but not photography gear. So I began to rack my brain what would it be. I actually said to him is it a Nikon Lens Mug? Nope, little did I know in his head he was freaking out thinking I was going to guess what he actually got me. I couldn’t figure it out. To make a long story short it ended up arriving on Christmas Eve and he made me open it that night. It was Nikon Lens Shot Glasses, a set of three. It was hilarious, now I’m not a drinking but it was great and he thought it was so funny.



Something I don’t own but I wish I did because it is one of the greatest creations ever! When I begin a shoot I set everything up and grab my camera and take off the lens cap. But where do I place the lens cap? Pretty much anywhere that is free, if I have pockets I usually will place them there but if I don’t I will place it in my purse or my camera bag, anywhere available but the problem is, I forget where I place it and at the end of a shoot I begin to freak out where I put it. This is great and I really need it so I can always put my lens cap on it and never forget where I put it. A lens cap strap holder!



The last thing that I received for Christmas is a new camera strap. I’m a girl who loves to accesorize. So I needed a new stylish strap. For those of you who don;t know me I am obsessed with the color neon green and zebra print. So of course I needed a strap to be like that. I searched everywhere for a camera strap that was a strap to a strap cover because that has velcro and I knew that would stick to my hair. I finally founded one and asked my mother for it for Christmas and she got me exactly what I wanted! It was great and I love it!


Wonder if I will get any fun new gadgets for my birthday? I hope so! Their so much fun! The Lens Mug, Shot Glasses, and Lens Cap Strap Holder can all be found at Photojojo! along with other fabulous gadgets and gifts. The Strap can be found at Phat Straps.


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