WPPI 2012

Have I mentioned how lucky of a girl I truly am? If I haven’t it is about time to confess that I am. In the last week I was lucky enough to attend WPPI, Wedding Portrait Photographers International in Las Vegas for six whole days! That isn’t even the best part, I got to go with eight other amazingly talented photographers including; Emily Taplin from Taplin Photo, Allison Flowers from Allison Flowers Photography, Kiana McCrackin from Kiana McCrackin Photography, Niki Simmons from Niki Simmons Photography, Lauren Kanegawa from Lauren Kanegawa Photography, Michael Fan from Michael Fan Photography, Brian Finck from Brian Finck Photography and lastly Daniel Heeger from DBPH Photography.

As a group we called ourselves “The Battery Pack”.


If I wasn’t already lucky enough to travel with all of these amazing people but I met some pretty amazing ones as well. While learning photography I have found some funny and interesting looks upon it including Missy Mwac. An amazing woman who brings the humor into portrait and wedding photography. We were all lucky enough to meet her and take a picture with her. Thank you so much Missy Mwac, it was great to finally meet you, you truly are a ROCKSTAR! Everyone must check out her videos!


Lastly I got to attend to some seminars with some outstanding photographers who have already and will continue to have a remarkable impact on my life.  I first met Joe Buissink, a very talented wedding photographer who really touched me with my passion and made me cry multiple times. You truly know your doing something you love if it makes you cry at the snap of a finger. I spoke to him afterwards and asked if he was looking for anymore Brooks graduates to work with. He told me to email him so let’s all cross our fingers and see what he has to say. I also say The Boudoir Divas speak who definitely have a different outlook on photography but was interested in what they had to say and taught me great marketing skills. I also got to listen to two other amazing photographers and people, Tim Meyer and Arthur Rainville. These are two people that I would not be where I am today without them. They know how to break you down and make you cry, and get emotion out of the people you are capturing. Their inspirational time was great the second time around. I am lucky enough to have Tim by my side almost everyday and pick his brain about my work. Arthur I am so excited that I got to see you again and cannot wait till we reunite. Another amazing photographer was Elizabeth Messina who is a wedding photography who truly loves light and understands it. She was nice enough to show us one of her best friend’s wedding photos that she took and who is my main inspiration, Jose Villa! I feel as if I have been saying this about everyone but Jose is an outstanding man, photographer, friend, and business man! I was lucky enough to even attend his seminar at WPPI and for him to inspire me even more than he did before but after listening to him speak he reminded me that photography is my passion, I do it because I love it and it makes me happy. It is important that my work makes me happy not anyone else. If someone comes to me to do their portraits that means they trust me enough to do what I want to create photos for them for a lifetime. My friend and fellow photographer Allison Flowers was lucky enough to intern with Jose Villa for two days and became quite good friends with him. She was nice enough to take us to meet him the next day at the trade show. I literally was so nervous to meet him that I was shaking. Before I began interning with the photographer I interned with, Marisa Leigh, I asked Josse if I could intern with him but sadly he already had enough interns at that time. To be able to take in what he has experienced and his love of photography was just amazing but being able to meet him just took another check off my Bucket List. One day he will be my wedding photographer, I better start saving up because he does not come cheap!



Overall I think all of you can tell I had an amazing experience at my first WPPI! I can’t wait to go again next year and take in everything again! I am such a lucky person! Thank you to everyone that made it possible for me and my fellow photographers to attend it!


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