On the Other Side of the Lens

I have recently needed some new photos of myself, for multiple reasons. The biggest reason was for my bio page. I had an amazing photographer and friend, Lilly Rosenthal Photography take my photographs. I am so happy with the way they turned out! I’m not the kind of person who is normally comfortable in front of the camera, I feel awkward. I love Lilly’s style and think at times it can be similar to mine, even though they are both completely different. Lilly took control well and I told her that I trusted her to do whatever she would like, I knew they would turn out great no matter what because she has so much talent. Lilly did an amazing job at capturing my essence and who I am as a person. Thank you so much Lilly! Below are a few of the photos she took and you can also see them on my “About” page here on my blog and on my website. Make sure to check out Lilly Rosenthal Photography as well!

Leave a comment below and let me know which photo you think should be my new bio photo! Thanks!







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