My Newest Baby {85mm}

I am a Nikon addict! Ever since I have been interested in photography I have always shot with a Nikon. As a photographer you are often trying to grow your collection of equipment. I don’t like to call it my equipment though, I call it my family {my camera family, of course!}. I am lucky enough to have my family growing quite fast! The newest addition to my family is the 85mm Nikon lens. It was my birthday about two weeks ago and my mother’s gift to me was this lens! I am such a spoiled girl! I am so lucky for the things I am given in my life. I have gotten to do two shoots with this lens so far and it is amazing! I absolutely love it! It will not replace my favorite lens the 50mm though! I call it my baby because since I don’t have children {and I won’t for a long time!} these are basically my children. I take care of them, make sure their clean, and make sure their safe 24/7. I love my babies! Here are some photos of my newest baby!




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