What’s In My {Camera} Bag?

I have seen photographers post about what they carry in their camera bags, prop bags, any bag they use on a shoot. I decided I’ll give it a try and show you all what I have in my bag.

Most of you have seen me lugging around not a bag but a SUITCASE! Yes, it basically is a suitcase. It is actually better than my actual suitcase. With Christmas money I got this year I was lucky enough to trade it all in for a new camera bag. I used to have a backpack camera bag and that began to overload and hurt my back. I was in desperate need of an upgrade. I believe I upgraded to THE BEST camera bag any photographer could get. Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you to…. The Airport Security™ V 2.0 Rolling Camera Bag from Think Tank!


You may think to yourself, WOW Brittany that is a huge bag, what do you carry in it? My answer to you is simple, almost everything a photographer needs. Thats not even true. As a photographer you need alot but this is a good amount for me now. When you open up my bag it is a bag of goodies for me!

We will start with the basics that everyone would expect in a photographer’s bag. MY BABIES! Yes, my babies all five of them have a nice slot for each of them in my bag to keep them nice and safe. From my last post you know I recently got an 85mm lens {the newest baby} but I have plenty of other babies and here they are! From left to right we have my favorite baby, the 50mm lens. I love this lens and use it for almost any shoot. The next is my newest, the 85mm lens. My new baby that is trying to replace my love for my 50mm. The next baby is my wide, the 10mm-25mm lens. This was my first lens given to by my father. Two more left and the next is my 18mm-105mm. This is a generic lens that I don’t use much it is the lens that comes when your purchase a camera. Last but of course not least is my telephoto lens, the 55mm-300mm! This lens is my second favorite right behind the 50mm. It is great for portraits and of course nature! I am looking forward to expanding my family and adding on a macro lens in the near future. All of my lenses are Nikon lenses except for my wide which is a Tamron.


Then the randoms come along. These are the items clients don’t normally think about but they are very helpful to make gorgeous photos. Top row starting left to right: We have two Pocket Wizards. Some of you may be like what are those? Are they Walkie Talkies? In a way they are walkie talkies but they aren’t. These allow me to take my flash or any light off camera and trigger it to my camera so the lights go off when I press the shutter. Next is my Flash, the Nikon SB 900 Speedlight. This of course allows me to add more light into a photograph. This is my life saver and has been throw some rough times with me, including a desert tortoise pushing it on the gravel. Next is my light meter, the Sekonic L-358 FlashMaster. This helps me read the light a tell me what to shoot at so I get the correct lighting. On the bottom row left to right we have: My Gray Card and Whi-Bal Cards. These keep my color correct so my clients aren’t blue or orange in a portrait. Of course I have my cleaning products, Purosol lens cleaner, Lenspen lens brushes and wipes. Then lastly, I of course have an extra camera battery. You never know what can happen and always need to be prepared.


Then Lastly, in my camera bag I of course have MY CAMERA, the Nikon D90! I love my camera. It really has been good to me and treats my clients and myself well. I couldn’t do what I love to do without it. I of course had to make it a little “Brittany” and added the PhatStrap with my zebra and my favorite color neon green!


Well, thats what is in my camera bag, well most of it. I of course have random things, such as battery changer, random cords, protective gear for my bag, batteries and of course memory cards which are actually in the first photo. I hope that gave you a little insight to what goes on in my bag. If anyone has questions or suggestions on what I could add let me know!

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