San Diego {Ladies}

I had the pleasure of being able to work with three lovely ladies down in San Diego. It was a quick little shoot but it was quite fun. It was a great chance to meet two new women. These girls are a joy to work with and hopefully I’ll get to work with them again sometime. Thank you Brittney, Jessica, and Christina!! Here are some images from their shoot.












Diefendorf {Wedding}

I had the chance last month to take part in a good friend’s wedding. As she was my brother’s first roommate we both traveled out to San Bernardino for the day to celebrate with her. I had met her fiance a few times before but I ended up knowing him even better after spending this special day with them. This couple is one of the sweetest couples I have been able to shoot, they are truly happy together and they deserve the best. I am happy to also announce their pregnancy and the arrival of their baby boy in the near future. I cannot wait to be able to take photos of him. Below are a few shots from their special day!


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Diefendorf!!
















Sanchez {Kiddos}

The Sanchez family, a family I have known for some time now and just absolutely love spending time with. Milly and Joe have blessed this world with two amazing children, I am so glad to have been able to watch both of them grow. This two children are just obsessed with the camera and when I pull it out Payton knows exactly what to do. It is always nice to not have to direct my models!