Graduation {Part Two}

It Happened!!

I had graduation on Saturday!

It was an amazing experience. I would like to share with you all what happened on friday, April, 20th. My school, Brooks Institute of Photography held a reception for all of the April 2012 graduates to showcase our photos in the April 2012 Graduate Gallery. We were able to place four photos in the gallery incase not a lot of people decided to hang some up. Since so many students decided to showcase their work, they were only able to hang two out of the four photos. I have placed all four of the images below for everyone to see. I decided to hang my nature photos because that is the reason for me to go to school to further my education. These are my photos.

Stay tuned for Graduation Day!


Big Basin Redwood State Park

In the past week I went to Big Basin Redwood State Park to go camping for a few days. We ran into some troubles and it rained everyday. It was fun, cold, wet, cold, wet and have I mention cold and wet. We had rain fall into our tent so we had to go buy new tarps to cover our tent so we could stay nice and dry. I even slept in the back of the car the last night. Besides freezing it was great getting to spend time with fellow photographers and sitting around a fire cooking hot dogs and smores. I feel I have made a lot more friends since then. Thanks everyone for making it a good trip! Here are some shots I took there, they are mostly of the redwoods since I was surrounded by them.

Little Critters

As most of you know my passion for photography began with nature, landscapes, and wildlife. I am in love with going outside and finding my subject of the day. I have been lucky to have the amazing opportunity of going to my second critter demo. Since I have freshened my blog and deleted all of my old posts I am first going to post my new photos of the critter demo and then post a few from my last critter demo which was almost a year ago. This is such an amazing experience and a little frightening at first but all you have to do is get over your fears and have fun.

Pictured Below: Chameleon, Red Eyed Tree Frog, Praying Mantis, and Leopard Gecko


Pictured Below: Chilian Tarantula, Leopard Gecko, Armadillo, and Crested Gecko


Pictured Below (One Year Ago): Frog, Albino Boa Constrictor, Frog ,and a Crested Gecko