Ali {Muse One}

I spent an entire day with Ali, My Fiance (assistant for the day), and Erin (makeup and hair) up ¬†highway 74 towards Anza. We found an abandonded house hat we hiked too, pulled off to the side of the road and stopped at Vista Point looking over the Coachella Valley for sunset. this day was amazing and so much fun. I experimented with some new things and took a little change. I’d love to know how everyone feels about this shoot. Thank you so much girls for putting up with me all day and making a wonderful session.





Austin {Graduating}

I have grown up with Austin up at Lake Havasu and when I was asked to do his senior portraits I was honored. There were two parts to his photo session. We started out up at Havasu and took some photos of him in his riding gear and riding his motorcycle. After a few weeks passed I then met up with him and his family in Mission Viejo where we finished his senior portraits. We had so much fun taking his photos and celebrating his graduatuon. Once we finished his photos we all got to take a trip to Disneyland. Overall it was a good session and here are some photos from his photo session.