Derek is {Growing}

My little cousin Derek is growing up so fast, he was only born in January and has gotten so big already! Its amazing how much a baby grows in their first year. I can’t wait to see what more learns and how much more he grows as time goes on. Here is a little shoot I did with him about a month ago just to document his growth.


What is too {Small} and What is too {Big}?

To me, when it comes to prints of friends, family and loved ones, big is never too big! I personally think the bigger the better! I have a lot of my clients consistently buying 8x10in and 11x14in prints. I understand, that those are the cheapest, but if you going to invest in portraits I believe you might as well go big or go home, or invest in a few large prints rather than a lot of small prints. An 8x10in is a great size but if you plan to hang it on your wall, a large print start from 20x24in to 30x40in are great sizes! A wall is very big and when you place a tiny print it doesn’t make a huge impact it was made to make and it is always hard to make out what to photo really is across the room. I have included a photo to help photographers and clients see what size prints really are and what would look the best on your wall in your home. This photo really shows what is too {small} and what is too {big}.


I hope this helps everyone! If you have any questions about prints and sizes feel free to ask, I’m always glad to help!

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