My Love To {Taplin Photo}

While at Brooks Institute I have met some incredible people and some amazing artists/photographers. I will be graduating from Brooks in exactly a month and so it is that time for graduation announcements. I asked my dear friend and felloqw photographer, Emily {Taplin} Riley from Taplin Photo to take some shots of me for my graduation announcments. While deciding when to set up the session we decided to go with a time while my boyfriend, Andrew of three years was in town so we could get some photos together. It was such a great shoot and we were having so much fun we almost forgot to even take my graduation photos. Emily does an amazing job and her style is so amazing, it defines who she is not just as a business but as a person as well. I encourage everyone to go check out her work at She is an incredible photographer and an even better friend. I am not someone who enjoys being in front of the camera but she makes it enjoyable. Thank you Emily! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.