Social {Obsessed} Media

I am obsessed with social media! Everything! I am one of those people that people look at and roll their eyes because they think its ridiculous how much that person is addicted to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. I am literally on each one at least twice a day! I love to stay connected to people and stay updated. I love for my clients to know what I am doing and keep them updated with what is new with my business. Even if you’re not on these everyday do you like me to stay updated? What are your feelings on social media? I want everyone to stay connected to me and see what goes on not even in my business life but even my personal life.

I check Facebook about 20 – 50 times a day. You all probably just dropped your jaws! I did say I was obsessed, I like to make sure that if you all try to contact me, I can get back to you right away. I don’t like to leave you all waiting.

So… Are You A Fan On Facebook?


I have recently created a Twitter. It can become quite addicting once you understand it and get going with it. I usually always tweet when something exciting is happening or if I post photos or a new post on here.

So… Do You Follow Me On Twitter?


Today is a happy day! Instagram finally arrived onto Android phones!! The only thing I have been jealous about iPhones was that they got Instagram and now I finally can use it. It isn’t exactly like the iPhones but its still Instagram and I’m exciting to start using it to give you all sneak peeks of shoots and just take photos, thats what I love to do after all!

So… Do You Follow Me On Instagram?



Pinterest! Probably most addicting!! I can spend hours lost on Pinterest It is so much fun and inspiring! There is so much available for everyone to see.

So… Are You Following Me On Pinterest?


Last but not least, email, my Gmail account. This is where I contact everyone and where I like to have everyone contact me. If you contact me on Facebook, Twitter, Etc… I’ll ask you to email me.

So… Do You Have My Gmail?



Stay connected with me and I’ll stay connected with you! I love updates! I told you, I’M OBSESSED!