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I had the pleasure of interviewing a very talent young woman who is a friend and fellow photographer, Sayan Becker of SB Photography & Design. She is an amazing woman who works hard to achieve her goals and has an amazing eye for design, fashion and photography. I got the chance to sit down and ask her a few questions about her decisions she has made with her life and graphic design and photography. If you haven’t checked out her work please do so by clicking her name above! You won’t be disappointed!

What interested you in both Graphic Design and Photography?

In high school, I always wanted to be a designer of some sort.  I was in art class, painting, making random sketches. I also was a geek as well, so I figured me being so knowledgeable with computers and an art class, that graphic design is the field I should go into.

Photography came later in the years.  During my senior year of college I took a photography class, I rocked that class inside out, but that wasn’t what convinced me. After I graduated college with a degree BS in graphic design I wanted to get my masters too. As I was looking for schools and my father decided to buy me a 50D. I was walking around San Francisco and right than I fell in love with photography. It’s funny how in an instant you could change paths. Anyways I no longer was looking for graphic design schools instead a photography school.  I figured photography and design will go hand in hand together and open more doors for me in the future.

Do you like to keep your design and photography separate or together? Why?

My ultimate goal is be the one who takes the pictures as well as does the layouts. I envision the whole concept I should be the one who completes it, from start to finish. I am completing school with the degrees and knowledge of fashion advertisement. I want images to sell; I want graphics to pop.

What is your favorite type of  photography?

Fashion advertisement. I enjoy high fashion, but lets hold off on that one until I become rich and famous to afford all the production.

What is it about fashion that keeps you interested?

I love using a model to sell things; it intrigues me. You see billboards with female, male or even both posing either in a sexy, classy, or provocative way. Either way your eyes lead to it, and because of that; who ever created such an image is doing their job right.  No matter what shape and form stores, billboards, and commercials all the glitz and glam are the purpose of selling something.

What is your Favorite part of your Job?

My favorite part of the job, you’re going to laugh is editing, creating the finish product. The production to any of my shoots is hard and stressful, especially if I have to do it by myself.  At the end of it all; me in front of the computer with no one else around me doing what I have to do to make my vision come alive, is peaceful. I am in my zone.

A Photo Of Sayan Becker I Took Recently For Her Website


I want to give a special thanks to Sayan Becker for answering a few questions for me. If you have a question for myself of Sayan feel free to leave a comment and ask away! We are more than welcome to answer!



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